Rowing Training - Fractal Nature of Periodization

Although it is more about strength training, and not very detailed at that, an article in the NSCA's Performance Training Journal titled Fractal Periodization is interesting. Fractal images are "self-similar" as you magnify them increasingly. In other words, keep zooming in and you see essentially the same image.

The article suggests that this is true of a proper training plan. This is the first such description I have seen of the idea of periodization, but it fits the bill nicely. From a four year cycle, to an annual plan, to a macrocycle and a mesocycle, to an individual workout the alternating periods of rest and work, of balancing the various energy systems in a workout and muscular requirements there really is a self-similar nature to the phases of training.

Does this help your training? Is there a practical nature to it? Perhaps not a great deal, but it does remind you to keep the balance in mind in all facets of your training and planning. Indeed, there are several people now who consider periodization important in all areas of training including nutrition and psychology.

Take a few minutes to ask yourself, how well your training is periodized? What aspects can be better planned?

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