Top 5 Rowing Lists - Add your 2 cents!

Here's your chance to get in on the posting and together we can create something bigger for everyone.

Put together your top 5, top 10, whatever - list of something rowing related. Send it to me via email - rowingscience(AT) or via a comment to this post and I'll post it tomorrow on the site for everyone.

So - what can you write?

Top 5 reasons to row, Top 5 Rowing Countries, Top 5 Rowing Programs, Top 5 Rowing Coaches, Top 5 Rowing Scientists, Top 5 Pieces of Rowing Technology, Top 5 crews to watch at Eaton, Top 5 Rowing sites on the web!

Make them serious, make them funny, make them as creative as you want. A simple list is fine - but feel free to add more and explain your choices.

Send something and I'll post it, with full credit to you and a link to your own or your club or school's rowing website - free traffic for you for taking a little time to share wth everyone.

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