How to handle morning workouts

It's that time of year again, and lots of us are up in the early hours to train. This is far from science - but just thinking about it is fun(?). SO, how can you make it a bit easier?

If you havew any ideas send them to me, please!

1. Have your kit packed the night before and your clothes laid out - I'd sooner spend 5 minutes in the evening in exchange for 1 minute of extra sleep.
2. Have a routine! That includes bedtime. Your body will thank you.
3. Have a commitment - if you're in a crew you get it. Knowing 8 other people are waiting for you will get you out of bed.
4. Buy a coffee maker with an automatc timer. Starbucks isn't open where I live at 5 AM.
5. Get a bit of exercise in - seriously. Warming up is even more important because a) it's colder in the morning and b) you need to get the mental cob webs out.
6. See #5 and mental cob webs. There is a danger in the morning that you will just go through the motions if you are not prepared for the workout. I posted a while back about mentally preparing for a workout and I think it goes double in the morning. Focus - the last thing you want to do is get up early and then waste your workout.
7. Coaches - have a plan, please! There's nothing a tired athlete hates more than a coach trying to figure out a plan for the day while they come up with a plan.
8. Use your journal - you have one don't you? - you will find a routine that works, and certain foods or drinks the night before that agree better with you in the morning and leave yu more alert.
9. Drink water - pretty much applies to any situation doesn't it?

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