Back Pain and Rowing

Lower back pain is an all to frequent problem in rowing.

WebMD has a back pain center on thier site with lots of resouces that may be worth checking out. They include:

Using Acupuncture
a Video on Massage for back pain
Determining how serious your pain is
Exercises for low back pain

Other Resources:

University of York Rowing on back injury
Sports Injury Bulliten on Back Injuries
Austrialian Better Health Chanel on Preventing Back Injury in Rowing
BBC News - How Rowing Can be a Pain in the Back
Amateur Rowing Association on Back Injury
From Sports Med Update - you have to dig deep into this document but it includes a report that Collegiate rowers are no more likely than the general population to experience back injury, and former rowers are less likely than the general population.

If anyone has other useful resources on dealing with, or better still preventing, back injury please send them and I will get them posted.

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