Simulating Altitude During Training

A "pilot" study - one conducted to see if there is enough reason to conduct a larger more controlled study - was published ot of New Zealand that looked at an inhaler that reduces the percentage of inspired oxygen so that an athlete can simulate training at altitude. "The effect of intermittent hypoxic training via a hypoxic inhaler on physiological and performance measures in rowers: a pilot study."

It does not come as a great surprise that there was actually a decrease in mean power during a 500-m test and the mean power at the 4 mmol lactate level after training with the device. In fact, most high level athletes now prefer to live at (or simulate living at) altitude while training near sea-level which is essentailly the opposite of this study. It is felt that with reduced oxygen levels during training athletes are not able to train at a high enough intensity - somethign this new pilot study would seem to confirm.

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