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Thanks to Rebecca Caroe of Rowperfect (and her own blog) who sent me an email with references to several of their resources related to recent posts here. I would encourage you to go over and have a look. In the near future I may get a chance to expand on some of these resources but for now, a brief summary and an encouragement to take a look.

Resources from several Rowperfect seminars is provided including:

Information on Seat Racing by Duncan Holland

This relates to my posting of an excel sheet for use with a pair matrix, and our poll on selection.

He includes some important points:
  • It is a big assumption that a pair can select an eight!
  • Don't repeatedly test young people on the erg.
  • Fit the test to the training (and events) at the time - longer in winter, shorter in summer.
  • Seat racing assumes athletes have comparable fitness, skill, honesty and motivation.
Although just points from slides, his layout of how and why to use fours, rather than pairs of eights is well worth a read if you plan on doing any seat racing.

Training to Perform presented by Paul Thompson

British Rowing Technique presented by Rosie Mayglothling

Athlete Testing Protocols presented by Martin McElroy

This one relates to our most recent post on peak power as a valid sub-maximal test for evaluating athletes and athletes progress. This includes protocols for:
  • Sub Maximal
  • Strength Power
  • Step Test
  • Anaerobic Capacity
  • 1000m
  • 500m
There are some great resources there and excellent graphics to help demonstrate the testing protocol.

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