American College of Sports Medicine Position Stands

An excellent source of information is the American College of Sports Medicine who are a professional organization representing not just sports doctors, but all professionals in the field of sport science from exercise physiologists, to biomechanists, nutritionists, psycologists and more.

Their "position statements" are professional recommendations based on research literature. All these statements are available in PDF form on their website.

Of particular interest are two released recently. On March 1st they released a paper on "Exertional Heat Illness during Training and Competition" and February 1 they released one titled "Exercise and Fluid Replacement." These summaries should represent the most up to date information in the field and should be near the top of the reading list for all coaches as well as interested athletes.

While the information is fairly technical in nature and not something you would read in an aticle off the magazine stand, you can be sure it is current and reported by experts.

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