New Rowing Biomechanics Newsletters

Two new Rowing Biomechanics Newsletters have been released of late.

January 2007 Edition is a comment on Mechanical Modelling in Rowing. It is a more general comment although it makes reference to a talk at the British Coaching Conference 2007:

The next talk, “Physics of rowing”, was one on which we cannot fail to comment. The presenter had developed quite an interesting computer model of rowing and some gadgets. However, instead of explaining the model, he presented a mixture of trivial things...
It is perhaps most interesting that he points out that most models use variation in boat speed as a major reason for energy losses in rowing. He notes:
The main verbal expression of this erroneous theory is: “do not disturb (stop) the run of the boat at catch”. The consequences of this are a soft ineffective catch, and early opening the trunk and slow force increase, which we found is very important for effective drive (RBN 2004/01-2).
He also discusses a front loaded drive vs. a finish loaded drive, which the models suggest is better, but biomechanically does not make as much sense.

In the February Edition Dr. Kleshnev responds to comments about spread/span discussed in an earlier newsletter. This includes remarks by well known biomechanist Volkere Nolte and by Einar Gjessing of Norway, creator of the “Ergorow”.

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