Rowing Equipment II - Rowing Companies

There are several companies of note to look at when you want to purchase rowing equipment, whether it be shells, ergs, oars, or more. We will attempt to put together a comprehensive list of rowing boat builders here. If you have other rowing equipment companies that you would like listed, please contact us.

Rowing Boat Companies


Hudson Boatworks World and Olympic Championship Racing Shells
Kashper Racing Shells
Levator Boatworks Singles for Every Body


Vespoli World Class Racing Shells
Pockock Racing Shells
WinTech Racing Win More. Spend Less.
First Boat
Resolute Racing Shells
Alden Rowing Shells  Manufacturer of recreational, traditional, and competitive rowing shells, oars, rowing gear and accessories. 
Durham Boat Company, Manufacturer of Dreher  sculls, sweeps and carbon boat parts 


Carl Douglas Racing Shells, UK
Janousek Rcing Boats, UK boatbuilder
Empacher Rowing Shells
Sykes Racing, Australia
Fillipi Design, Implementation and Selling Rowing Boats and Accessories

Is your rowing company not on this list? Send us a note - - and we'll be happy to include you!