Hydration and Coxies

Hydration and Coxies - Important Information

Please read this important post on "hyponatremia"

Note this information for coxies:

"Consuming as little as 1.8 liters of water in a single sitting may prove fatal for a person adhering to a low-sodium diet, or 3 liters for a person on a normal diet."

The American College of Sport Medicine notes that people with small body mass would be especially prone to this condition.

How many coaches have asked their coxies to drink huge volumes of water to "make weight"?

I have certainly seen coxies consume more than a 2-L bottle of water in one sitting.

Now in recent years many have lowered the minimum wieght for coxies so that this parctice seems rare now - but it is well worth considering!

Is it likely to happen? No. Is it worth the risk? No way. Stop if you have ever encouraged someone to do this.