The Decline of Sports Science in the USA?

A few readers raised the question as to why more rowers don't make use of sport science testing and exercise prescription. With that in mind, I stumbled upon this interesting article titled "The Downfall Of Sports Science In The United States" reprinted from Strength and Conditioning Journal (April 2004) Volume 26,Number 2, pages 72-75 in the US Olympic Coach E-Magazine.

The authors argue that, "sports-science training does not occur on a systematic basis in the United States" and that this will, "result in increased rates of injury, unpredictable and unstable sports performances, and poorer competitive standings for U.S. athletes in the world."

It certainly doesn't answer the question, but they do pose interesting points. I was trained in "exercise science" but it had such a firm research slant to our program that work that would translate to actual sport performance was few and far between - presumably because there is little money in research available for sports specific work. I didn't get much training until I gained one of the USOC internships that they mention (and criticize somewhat) in the article.