What if Lance Could Row?

Apologies, but I'm a bit behind on the lactate posting promised yesterday. It will be up tomorrow for certain.

Until then, let me leave you with a thought..What if Lance Armstrong could row?

I went through Stephen Seiler's Site, again and noted some information on 1992 US Olympic Rowers. He reports an average wattage of 467 Watts for the men.

I have also been reading Inside Lance Armstrong's War, by Daniel Coyle. In it he reports that at the Tour de France Lance can sustain a power of 500 W - at his lactate threshold. In other words, he can do this for 30+ minutes!! During a 2000 meter test a rower's power is well above threshold.

500 Watts converts to a 1:28.8 split. So lance could hold 1:28.8 for over half an hour! That would mean a 17:45 6 km test. That's 1:15 faster than the guys Seiler reports...and Lance could keep going! Apparently Cracknell could do 15:09 5 km test - Lance could do 14:48 and then keep going - actually he could do it twice!

OK - get up in arms please and send comments! Wattages on an erg and a bike are not the same! Lance can't row. What else?

Interesting though isn't it?