New Concept 2 Model E Ergometer

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Model E Erg Rowing Indoor
Model E Erg Rowing Indoor
This is from the concept 2 message boards, posted by C2 site administrator "C2Bill":

On September 1st we will begin offering the new Model E Indoor Rower in addition to the Model D. The Model D itself is changing slightly (see the end of this post for more detail).

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rower available Sept 1 The Model E is the 5th generation of our successful Indoor Rower. It includes all the proven features of the Model D plus the additional features described below. Model E Features:

The frame is 6" higher, positioning you at a comfortable seat height
One-piece leg design for greater stability and solid feel
Nickel plated chain for low-maintenance and a clean look
Longer monitor arm makes it easier to reach the PM4
Fully enclosed chain housing for easier cleaning
Powder-coated frame is sealed with a clear top coat for extra durability.
Light metallic gray finish with dark blue-gray accents.
PM4 Performance Monitor is standard on all Model E Indoor Rowers.

PM4 Features The PM4 includes all of the features of the PM3 plus these additional features:

The PM4 has the on-board computing power to support machine to machine racing, both wireless and wired.
Built in Compatibility with Suunto heart rate technology (chest belt provided) which offers improved transmission and eliminates interference from nearby rowers.
Rechargeable battery pack is included with the PM4. As you row you will actually be recharging your battery. The battery pack can also be recharged by connecting the PM4 to a PC through the USB port.
The PM4 has increased memory capacity to allow for future expansion and features The Model E will be available for delivery September 1st, 2006. Pre-orders are being taken now.

The photo above shows the new Model D alongside the new Model E. The graphics on the D have changed slightly on the monorail and there is a new framelock and footstretcher design that makes it easier to separate the two parts for storage or transport. The new Model D, with the PM3 or the PM4, is available for delivery September 1st, 2006. Pre-orders are being taken now. The current Model D is in stock and available for immediate delivery.

There are price changes as well as a few modifications to the model D:

Model D w/PM3: available first week of August

Qty 1-4: $850.00 + shipping

Qty 5+: $800.00 + shipping

Model D w/PM4: available Sept 1

Qty 1-4: $1,000.00 + shipping

Qty 5+: $950.00 + shipping

Model E: available Sept 1

Qty 1-4: $1,200.00 + shipping

Qty 5+: $1,130.00 + shipping

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