Training Intensity Poll Closed

The pool "How do you set your training intensity?" is now closed. Thank you all for the fine response.

Results are as follows:

  • 38% Heart Rates

  • 28% Based on Feel

  • 16% I Just do what I'm told by my coach

  • 9% Based on lactate testing

  • 8% There is only one intensity - 100%

  • 2% I just try to keep up with my crew!

I expect that these results are indicative more of the readers who are interested in this site, than of rowers in general. I would have expected the last two to be higher up in the general rowing population. I would think that most athletes just listen to their coach. It is encouraging though that there is a core group out there - more than a third of you - who use heart rates to monitor your training.

I wonder what percentage of those who monitor with HR or lactates row in singles? It would seem to be much easier than in a crew boat - any comments?

Coming Soon - New Poll of the Week - What technology do you use in your training?