WEBA Sport RowX - The ultimate in on-board data?

For those of you who wish the ultimate in on-board data while rowing check out the Austrian WEBA Sport web site. Their Row-X outdoor product gives acceleration, velocity, forces at each oarlock, and heart rates. This is the sort of data available only for expensive biomechanics studies. IT is all displayed in a monitor about the size of the ergometer performance monitor. It also includes the "Expert" software package that promises "complete biomechanical analysis."

The software gives some exciting data easily - drive time, recovery time, "rhythm" - drive/recovery as a percentage. This data alone could make for some outstanding feedback from training sessions and technique work. Also force per stroke, peak force, time to peak force, even the oar angle at which you produce peak force. Want more - how about angles at the catch and the finish - and a measure of slippage - the angles at the catch and finish where you produce less than 20 Newtons of force. How about distance per stroke, or a check factor. It seems to be a gold mine of information. These are but a few of the measures - oh, yes and they are reported independently for each arm. Check out the list of data.

If you are a self-confessed rowing geek like I am, you should find this a very interesting piece of equipment.

Have any of you tried this yet? I would love to hear more. I have a call in to the WEBA reps for more details, but there is nothing like first hand information so send your comments if you have them.

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