Another new Rowing Biomechanics Newsletter

Another Rowing Biomechanics Newsletter has been released. In it Dr. Kleshnev discusses gearing and the FISA rigging survey from the World Championships.

As with all the newsletters this requires a careful read but here are a few interesting highlights to look for:

  • The definition of gearing for the survey as span/outboard does not give a true gearing which should really be inboard/outboard only and "should not depend
  • on lateral position of the centre of oar rotation."
  • Half of the pairs had different spans between seats, usually with stroke having a wider span to help deal with the differences in torques at the catch.
  • Narrowing the spread by 2 cm - to many coaches a big change - makes only a 0.5 degree catch angle change. Changing inboard is slightly more effecive. But there is more to this story as well when you take into account changes in overlap and resulting movement of the foot stretcher.
  • His conclusion "the reason of exaggerated importance of the spread/span for gearing still remains unknown to us. We greatly appreciate if you can sand [sic] us your thoughts, opinions or references."
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