Rowing Science Archives - The Interviews

Many of you are new to the Rowing Science Site and have missed several interesting posts. One highlight has been the kindness of several people to do interviews with us exclusively for our readers. If you didn't see them the first time, consider taking a look at some of these which have been amongst our most popular posts:

Dr. Stephen Seiler Weighs in on Lance Armstrong as a Rower

Interview with Dr. Valery Kleshnev of the Biomechanics Newsletter

Exclusive Interview with Concept 2 about the Model E Ergometer

Garmin Interview about GPS and Rowing

Interview with Rowing Physiologist Dr. Fred Hagerman

New Site for Rowers - - Interview with Jeff Wagner

Interview with Peter Dreissigacker Podcast - actually from

More on 8 Second Intervals for Fat Loss

The "Oartec" Is it a better Erg?

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